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My name is Shelly Tucker and I’m a retired art educator. After graduating from EWU, I began my career as an elementary teacher and ended up teaching every grade level from kindergarten to college. I discovered my love for art at about 12 years of age and have been dabbling in every possible medium since. My art tends to be much more whimsical than serious and clay sculpture is probably my favorite form of expression.

My Priest Lake connection began in the mid-1960s when Grandpa and Grandma Wheldon bought a house on Luby Bay Road that is now casually known as the “Minatome”. Although the house is no longer in our family, a piece of the surrounding property is our 4th generation slice of heaven. Every single time I get to head north out of Priest River, I am eternally grateful to Frances and Ivan for their legacy. Grandma Frances was a painter and she nurtured my love of art. I still feel her spunk and independent spirit course through every pinch of clay or dab of paint.

My husband and I divide our time between Priest Lake and Richland, Washington. After spending a few formative years working with the Hill Family at their resort, our remarkable daughter, Kelcey, now lives and works in the Seattle area.

I don’t have deep philosophical ramblings about what drives my artistic path because I don’t really care to overthink life too much. I “do” art because I have an overwhelming physical need to create and most often that evolves into creating things that make me smile. I guess I simply believe we should surround ourselves with objects we love objects that have a story. Our artistic investments should match our personality and our journey – not necessarily our sofa.

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