LR Montgomery

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LR Montgomery’s landscapes bring our outdoor experiences in. They give us respite from the hurried life, solace for our souls, and time with our Maker. 

He paints changing light and its effect on nature, exposing intricacies and boldness, lights and shadows, wide-open spaces, and hidden secrets.

His paintings are a distillation of nature. They remind us of the importance of conservation now and for future generations.

He is the Artist in Residence for Dishman Hills Conservancy, and has worked to benefit organizations such as Spokane Riverkeeper, Friends of Manito, St. Georges School, and the NW Museum of Arts & Culture.  His paintings are in the collections of private individuals, corporations, environmental groups, museums, medical facilities, and educational institutions throughout the world.

LR Montgomery is a manho loves fun, laughter, and the people in his life.

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