Tom Wakeley

wakeley-headshot I’ve always been drawn to quiet places in nature…a stand of trees by a pond, a field of wheat, a sunset.

I’m not really one to seek out a grand, epic vista. Rather, I love the way light sparkles through leaves or reflects off of water. I love the paintings of the impressionists and expressionists. For me these works always capture a fresh view of light and color. This painterly approach is such a wonderful way to capture these quiet places.
I strive for this in my painting. When I look at a subject, I see light, color and a point of view. I never think of a picture of a scene or object. In my work, the paint on the surface of the canvas is as important as the subject itself.
I feel the result is a painting that is truthful as a work of art, and truthful to the subject. …and these paintings look spectacular in any home! I live and paint in Spokane, Washington. In addition to painting, I’ve worked in the video production field for over 30 years. I am a drummer, and right now I’m taking piano lessons (wish me luck with that). I hope you enjoy my work!

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