Terry Lee

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The dynamic art of Terry Lee goes far beyond reproducing the subject on canvas in a sterile, photographic style. Stunning use of large canvases and colors emotes the strength and energy of nature’s most intimidating specimens.To stand before a massive work of art that towers overhead pulls the observer into the light and life of the wild. The sheer raw power of muscle and sinew, fang and claw, leap from the canvas – creating a desire to stand back at a safe distance.

Terry’s methods bring an outrageously unique style to the forefront of wildlife artistry. The essence of Terry’s quality portrayals lies in transparency wash techniques which bring a luminescent quality and produce dazzling color effects.
It becomes impossible to look at a Terry Lee painting just once. They draw you back again and again to feel the energy they provoke. Terry’s collectors experience this bold usage of color as refreshingly different from anything they have ever seen. This unique style has been described as “A breath of fresh air in a world of sameness”.


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