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I was born and raised in New York. I played in alleyways and on fire escapes, and I traveled the world amongst the dusty steamer trunks and wicker baby carriages in the cavernous basements of the neighborhood apartment buildings. I knew all the wonderful characters that made up the neighborhood shop owners. They were the same people who watched over me when I set up my own version of the street corner lemonade stand under the noise and life of the elevated subway two stories above. It was a time of innocence and wide eyed wonderment. Life was good.Like most, my life has taken many turns.I long ago left the sights and sounds of New York for the mountains and blue skies of the West. Life has been an eclectic mix of big and small, bright days and scary moments, great candlelit dinners and hurried micro-waved meals. Three children who conjured up stories even greater than mine, and a husband, who, until he took a new, ‘higher’ position with St. Peter, was my best friend. From him I learned humor and from me he learned whimsy. Memories were made and he left me with strict orders to continue to make more.So I do … and I try to bring all of that into my work. If you really think about it, life is not much more than a series of millions of little experiences, over a lifetime, brushing against each human form in a way that works to create our own unique and individual personalities. We all experience the same emotions of love and hate, joy and sorrow, peace and chaos, but the how, when, where and with whom, make those experiences unique to each of us.


I love color. I love design. I love the pieces of life that make us who we are. So now, when you look at all those tiny bits of paper that I have used to complete a painting, imagine they each are just one step in a very colorful road of life. And then … you get to continue that road with your own imagination and interpretation of my work. I hope it makes you smile.
Footnote: One of the reasons so many of the memories I have are as wonderful as they are is because I was fortunate to have someone to share them with. All the laughter filled memories and, even the tear stained memories. Having someone there to say “I know,” or to laugh and cry with you is a great gift. I have been lucky enough to say “I do” to a new Memory Making Partner. He too lost a spouse and so we have the “I know” in common. He’s definitely a ‘glass half full’ kinda guy so the smiles are often and the future of many new memories looks very promising.
Enjoy the Journey . . .Charleen is a recipient of the “International Louie Award” for Greeting Card Design and has done work for such prestigious institutions as the Julliard School of Music; Radio City Music Hall; The Delta Queen Steamboat Company and the National Museum of Women in the Arts, just to name a few. Her work has been shown in numerous juried art shows and galleries, and is held in many private and corporate collections. Charleen now resides in Washington State.

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