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“I am a second generation stone and glass carver. Custom carving, artwork, and design have been a constant part of my life since the age of 17, and they have been my full-time employment for the last 14 years.


Exploring the intrinsic parallels between natural form and abstract design is a vital part of my work. Capturing fleeting moments of natural beauty in these most enduring materials can reawaken our sense of the paradoxical nature of time. Using hand-held diamond-edged and garnet abrasive lapidary tools, I create incised and bas relief carvings in crystal-grade glass and in unusually hard fine-grained stone (metamorphic and volcanic) which I prospect and hand-select all over North America. When building frames, furniture and cabinetry to compliment the stone and glass, I work primarily Black Walnut and American Ash in conjunction with custom steel fittings to make simple yet organically integrated designs.


With the stone, my approach to the material itself is collaborative, allowing the artwork to be informed by the unique characteristics of each individual stone.
Glass provides the unique opportunity to create artwork in a medium that is essentially invisible, accept for the imagery itself… like drawing with light on thin air. It must be the closest thing to creating something out of nothing that a visual artist can experience. Glass can allow for painterly and impressionistic effects, as different textures are chosen to catch the light.


I enjoy collaborating with customers and patrons of the arts to create unique custom wall pieces, architectural installations, furniture, and outdoor monuments. I display my work nationally at a shifting selection of venues from coast to coast, as well as here in the Northwest and adjacent regions of Canada. My studio is based near my home north of Spokane Washington. Visitors to my rural studio are welcome by appointment.

The challenge of creating completely original images within the rigorous disciplines of stone and glass carving endlessly renews my dedication to creating collaborative custom artworks that will stand the test of time: many of my installations have the potential to last for millennia. All of my designs are original.”




See Sam Bate’s Art Show “Time and Light” at the Entree Gallery in your web browser. (Mac and PC compatible)

  • Click on the link and have the Virtual Reality Art show loaded into your browser window.
  • Pan and scroll with your mouse.
  • Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out on the art work.
  • Click on the art work to be taken to a detailed description page with high resolution images of the art
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