David Govedare and Tracy Ling

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David Govedare is the Northwest’s most recognized artist for public/outdoor work, with many well known installations. He has produced landmark pieces such as the Bloomsday runners in downtown Spokane, as well as the wild horse sculptures overlooking the Columbia River at Vantage, WA.Tracy Ling-¬†Artistic expression through the use of Orgone energy creates a balanced life-affirming energy for all living things. Human beings are in themselves the best orgone. We are suspended in a matrix of water whereas the orgone pieces I create are suspended in a matrix of a non-toxic resin.

These pieces are cast with intention and love using layers of crushed gemstones, metals (copper and aluminum), double terminated quartz crystals, essential oils, monoatomic elements, and sometimes organic materials. Having orgone pieces in the garden, home and/or car give the human being more of his/her own space that is rightfully ours. It clears out the harmful emfs, negative energies and energy spaces that do not serve us, to those of positivity. It basically makes our space ours again. We are energy beings and orgone works at this level to create health and balance.

Big energy and big Spirit pieces that include the orgone energy, the work horse, make these art pieces more.

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